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11.11.2023 - 05.01.2024 

Artist Talk with Christian Dominguez 11.11.2023, 10.30 am

opening hours: Thu/Fri 4–8 pm, Sat 12 noon - 4pm 

curated by Christian Dominguez

Victoria Cantons, "The first steps of consultation", 2023.

Victoria Cantons’ exhibition's title, If Only, Time Were Ours to Spend, Again, quotes a letter found in the archives of the Twombly Foundation, sent by Robert Rauschenberg to Cy Twombly on April 15, 1954, a time when Rauschenberg was in New York and Twombly stationed in Washington, DC. The title radiates an enchanting and contemplative atmosphere. It evokes nostalgia and yearning, hinting at regret and the desire to revisit missed opportunities. An impossible desire. This title underscores the overarching theme of time, inviting viewers to ponder its inexorable march and the importance of cherishing the present. It sets a contemplative tone for the exhibition, encouraging introspection and emotional resonance among viewers. And, as Rauschenberg wrote to Twombly long ago, so too does Cantons wish not to create an homage to Twombly but to engage and converse with Twombly – the works, in part, act as Cantons’ letter to him.

The work of Victoria Cantons (b. 1969) is autobiographical and confessional with political undertones. She is a conceptual visual artist currently working out of London, England. Cantons’s artistic work is varied and widely idiosyncratic and is presented in multiple mediums including painting, neon, poetry, text, performance, photographs and videos. The work is autobiographical and confessional with political undercurrents. Cantons’s early years were spent working as an actor in theatre. During the 1990s Cantons was also the lyricist and singer in the rock bands, Agent Orange and Squirm. This influence can be seen in her works, with the use of text written into the surface of paintings, and the language used to title works. Cantons feels that the combining of the pictorial and text are the best tool to allow her to explore the questions she has.

Gefördert durch das British Council, das Amt für Kultur und Denkmalschutz Dresden, die Stiftung Kunst und Musik für Dresden, die Ostsächsische Sparkasse Dresden sowie von Norbert Bisky und Thomas Stauffer. 

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